Seg 1: Arduino an nixie tube

6.1 Problem presentation: how to use Arduino to control nixietube for displaying the digital number 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.

In fact, Arduino is used to control nixie tube to show the digital number, which is the same to the control of many LEDs to display. By the different constitution of display of LEDs, we can get the different digital number. So, the key problem is to understand the polarity of nixietube or LED. This a very important problem in such experiment.

6.2 The required materials

The required materials is very similar to the experiment 5. Only the buzzer is altered into digital display, which can be shown in Figure 6-8.

Table 6-1: Materials

The required materials


Name Quality Function Note


Arduino software 1 suit Provide ide New ver 1.05


Arduino UNO board 1 Control board Many


USB data line 1 Connect board distribution


Dupont line 2 Connect elements optional


Nixie tube 1 display optional


Bread board Connection optional


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