Seg 6: Key notes and summaries

Figure 3-6 Data display on the Arduino serial monitor

(7) data connection at the end: if you finished the above six steps successfully, congratulations, you are successful. The temperature measured by sensor LM35 has been successfully sent to the server on the internet by wifi module, as shown in Figrue 3-7.

Figure 3-7 Data display at server

Compared the temperature data shown in Figure 3-6 (local monitor) with Figure 3-7 (server at cloud), it is can be found that, both data are the same, which shows the data is transmitted successfully. In the next section, we will show the data handling to exhibit to people.

3.5 Key notes and summaries

(1) before configuring network parameters, to ensure the successful configuration, please recovery the wifi module to the default factory settings.

(2) please ensure the exactness of data configuration, especially the settings about mobile phone and server IP address.

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