Arduino is very smart. You can create many innovate things based on the smart Arduino board. For example, you design a wireless communication system to control your aircraft, your home lights, your TV, and so on. Also, you can monitor your home environment (like gas and or water), even baby. When you are back to home from office, the lights in your home have already open;  bath water has also burn well. All of these are not dreams, but can be realized by the smart Arduino.

Although Arduino can do many intelligent things, it is very simple to be understood and mastered, even if you do not have much experience in code and/or hardware. When met Arduino, all of these are not problems. Moreover, there are many open sources to learn and refer.

In our such website, we would like to give out a series of technical documents on how to learn Arduino and how to utilize Arduino for our lives. For these goals, and similar to TV series, we are going to share our documents from the following seasons.

In Season 1. “Start to Learn Arduino” is provided, which aims to make ones step into Arduino. And it is very important for all kinds of applications later. Therefore, this season can be divided into many Actions (i.e., sections).

In Season 2, “Application to Internet of Things (IoT)” would be dedicated to show the application of Arduino by all types of sensors. To do this, we will build up a web system of Internet of Things (IoT). Till time, ¬†ones can carry out their interesting interactions with many kinds of sensors based on the Arduino. In this season, we mainly focus on the design and applications of Arduino based on wireless networks.

In Season 3, we would want to provided some classical applications, such as quadhelicopter, robot, and so on.

OK, Dear friends, welcome to join us for our dreams. Nothing is impossible!

If you have any other problem, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Email: yichoneyi@gmail.com; Skype: yichone

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