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Seg 4: Experimental analysis-2

(4) set up wifi hot spot: Since there is no other wifi hot spot in our such experimental environment, then we use OUR HTC mobile phone to set up a wifi hot spot (wifi router is suitable). After this, temperature data can be sent by wifi to the cloud. At first, opent the “WLAN hot spot” in the mobile phone. At the same time, remember to open 3G network signal, which can make temperature data collected by LM35 send to server in the remote cloud. In this experiment, the WLAN hot spot name in my phone is set as “HTCtest” for the mobile SSID, and password is “12345678″. You can also use the default name and password. However, for the input convenience, you had better to modify the default name and password.

(5) network configuration: When the computer connects the wifi network wifi HI_LINK_0021 successfully, you can input the website “″ in the browser, and input the user name and password (both are “admin”) to configure the web data, which is shown in Figure 3-5.

Figure 3-5 Network data configuration

When configure the network data parameters, please note that the marked by red rectangle, and others can be default set. Some notes are given as follows.

  1. At this time, wifi module can be viewed as a collection and transmission unite, which can send the collected temperature data to the server on the remote distributed cloud.
  2. SSID and Password are denoted by the SSID and Password of the mobile phone (or wifi router).
  3. Remote ServerDomian/IP: It is pointed to the server IP address where the temperature data are stored at.
  4. Locale/Remote Port: the server port number.

After configure, click “Apply”. At this time, if you check your phone, there is a “1 user connects” in the bottom of the “WLAN hot spot”. This implies that, the wifi module on the Arduino board has been connected the mobile hot spot. That is, the wifi module has been connected the internet.

Seg 8: Mobile phone software

二. Mobile phone software

In nature, mobile phone software is the same as PC software. In this section, we will debug wifi module by mobile phone software.

  1. Install the mobile phone debug software EasyTCP (have iphone and Android versions, respectively. If you want them, you can contact me by skype: yichone.), in this experiment, we use the Android version EasyTCP.
  2. Open the wifi network at mobile phone, and look for the wifi signal HI-LINK_0021的wifi and double it to connect with the same way as PC version, as shown in Figure 2-12.

    Figrue 2-12 Look for the wifi signal HI-LINK_0021

  3. Open the mobile software EasyTCP→click “CONNECT”→click “+” to add the connection IP address and port number, which is the same as PC software. IP is, and port is 8080, which are shown in Figure 2-13. Then click “connect” to let mobile phone connect to the wifi network HI-LINK_0021.

    Figure 2-13 Connect to wifi network by Android mobile phone

  4. At the same time, we should open the serial assistant. In this experiment, we must send the data from mobile phone to PC serial port by wifi network. In the later experiment, we would send the data from mobile phone to server on the cloud. In figure 2-14, data “5″ has been send to PC serial port by wifi network successfully.

    Figure 2-14 Communication between mobile phone and PC serial port by wifi

2.5 Key notes and summaries

1) As for the new wifi board, we can make a preliminary judgment whether a wifi board can work normally by simply observing the display state of the LED light. But, we should note that the insertion direction when wifi board is inserted into a Arduino shield board.

2) when network-serial assistant is used to debug wifi module, it is noted that the wifi module should be recovery to the default factory setting and the software settings.

3) We should choose the wifi signal transmitted from wifi module to debug the wifi module, or we cannot use the wifi module for the wireless communication rightly.